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Don't Miss Hearing Your Favorite Sounds of Spring!


Three reasons to treat your hearing loss in May!

  1. It's Mother's Day! You want your Mother to hear as well as she can, so why not treat her to a wonderful gift... better hearing!
  2. Memorial Day is the gateway to summertime fun! Ball games, summer concerts, conversations at a family picnic. Don't feel left out, treat yourself to better hearing!
  3. Cinco de Mayo is celebrated; a National Holiday for our southern neighbors. The festivities will sound so much better with better hearing! 
NE Houston Hearing

18525 W. Lake Houston Pkwy 102A
Humble, Texas 77346


The Hearing World is an Amazing Place to Be.

Buying hearing aids is a big decision. We at Northeast Houston Hearing believe-


  • All Signia Nx hearing aids-$250.00 off/pair. Direct streaming from your iPhone to your hearing aids! Rechargeable options available.

  • FREE Streamline TV-valued at $250.00. Direct streaming from your TV to Signia Nx hearing aids. 

Total Value $500.00