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Hearing Aid Batteries and Battery Sales

We keep a fresh supply of batteries in stock.  If you purchase four packages of batteries, you receive the fifth pack free!  We encourage our patients to stock up on batteries.  Our staff is knowledgeable about what size of battery you need for your hearing aids and can answer any battery related questions. 

All hearing aids are powered by zinc air batteries.  When you purchase hearing aid batteries, they come with a tab covering the small air holes on the battery.  Once the tab is removed, air enters the battery cell and activates the zinc in the battery.  It is important to let your hearing aid battery set out for 60 seconds after removing the tab before turning your hearing aid on. This allows the air to fully enter the battery cell.

Battery life depends on several factors, and our audiologists counsel their patients on discovering their unique battery fingerprint.  Your battery fingerprint is specific to your hearing loss, hearing aids, and listening environment:

  • Severity of hearing loss- The more severe a hearing loss is, the more battery power is needed to provide the needed amplification.
  • Size of battery- A smaller battery, such as a size 10, has less capacity to store the zinc, when compared to a larger battery, such as a 675
  • The number of hours per day and the number of days per week will provide insight on your battery fingerprint.  A person who uses their hearing aids 6 hours a day may get 10 days of use (60 hours), whereas a person who uses their hearing aids 14 hours a day may get 7 days (98 hrs).  The person who gets 7 days actually received better battery life (98 hours is longer than 60 hours)
  • More advanced hearing aid technology use more battery power than an entry level hearing aid.  More advanced accessories, such as Bluetooth streamer, will decrease battery life.
  • Temperature and environment also can affect battery life.  Variations in humidity, both high and low humidity, can influence battery life. A decrease in temperature and/or an increase in altitude can decrease battery life.